Saturday, 1 November 2008


I was been inspired by the interview of Zenith to Michael McCarthy, founder and proprietor of Australia's Thylacine Press before the latter died on the importance of coat of arms in the Catholic Church.

Clearly coat of arms is of western origin, particularly European and fundamentally of Christian influence as a way of identification and in some way education. In United States of American they modified it  as  a seal.

This site will not only give you the graphic presentation of the coat of arms but as well as their explanation if available.

Since, Filipinos do not use coat of arms in everyday living, surely, it will be difficult for me to find out my family coat of arms. So I decided to look at the coat of arms of Somosierra municipality in Spain. Since, I cannot make one for the moment for my own, I will use it until I can make my own.

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