Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Bishop Gregory hartmayer's Coat of Arms

Bishop Gregory Hartmayer's Coat of Arms
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Savannah, USA

A bishop’s coat of arms is distinguished by a sign of his rank. That sign, placed over the shield, is a particular version of an ecclesiastical hat that was worn in processions, as late as 1870. The hat is lowcrowned, flat, and wide brimmed. On a bishop’s coat of arms, the hat is green and hanging from it are 12 green tassels, six on each side. There’s also a processional cross above the shield. The cross on a bishop’s coat of arms has one bar; an archbishop’s cross has two. The design of the shield itself differs from bishop to bishop.

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Charles Brawnyson said...

Great blog! I always love learning more about heraldic symbols!